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Online Shopping in BD। Genuine And Exact Product Delivery is the Key of Success

Online Shopping in BD is now a rapidly growing industry. but, most of the new entrepreneur makes a mistake in the beginning by doing some fraudulent activities.

How Fraudulent Activities Makes Negative Marketing?

in the last few years, we have seen that for doing fraudulent delivery or mismatch delivery it makes a huge negative impression on customers. as a result, the same customer being afraid of doing another order on the same site again. so, losing customers by doing these fraudulent activities makes a serious negative effect in the online business. we have seen that lots of conscious customers give their negative feedback about an e-commerce site. and they share those feedback on social media. some of them are gone viral. as a result e-commerce sites impression become degraded. so, in this virtual world, your crime and dishonesty never be hidden forever. once you get noticed by your fraudulent activities you will get banned forever from the trust of customers.

Top E-commerce Shopping Site In Bangladesh Also Getting Punished!

we have seen that big company like daraz is still trying to survive. because of its so many negative feedback over social media. although daraz is not selling any product directly they collect the merchant’s products and sent those products via different courier service to the customers. so, if merchants did any fraud with the customers darazs system still unable to protect those frauds. ajkerdeal is operating its service in the same way as daraz. so, online shopping in bd is still now not fully protected by the big e-commerce site. on the other hand,

Online Shopping BD Site Like

online shopping site like is collecting and delivering its product by their own management. as a result, full control of the product is on their hand. so, if there is any negative feedback the full responsibility and liability is on so life shoppers cannot transfer its responsibility to others. so, there is a huge possibility of the self-managed online shopping site. in the near future hopefully, self-managed online shopping will lead the e-commerce platform.

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